Whether using our touch-free automatics or self-serves, our professionals are there to help. Unlike other touch-free washes, stubborn stains are hand-washed as needed. Even wheels are perfectly cleaned by hand with our Wheel Bright service. No other touch-free wash provides this level of service.
Our touch-free automatics are unlike anything else. Advanced robotics use electronic eyes to maintain powerful sprayers a perfect distance over the contours of your vehicle. Our self-serve wash bays provide you with everything you need to safely wash without the harmful effects of home-washing.
Your vehicle receives the highest quality detergents and protectants. Every car receives ultra-pure spot-free rinsing and we feature Rain-X Complete, the industry’s finest protectant for unmatched gloss and protection. You get what you pay for at Ernie’s and you’ll be delighted with the results. We guarantee it.
We care for the earth by using biodegradable, non-acidic, non-caustic detergents and waxes which are both gentle to your car and Mother Nature. We care for our communities with our Marc & Ernest Pallotta Foundation for charity. Every time you wash at Ernie’s you help the charities we serve.