In the early 1950s a ten year old Italian boy named Ernie Pallotta came to this country full of determination and pride. As with all immigrants, Ernie faced many adversities, not the least of which was a language barrier. Fortunately, Ernie was blessed with the attention of a compassionate and observant nun. With her sensitivity Ernie was able to gain the tools necessary to one day achieve his goals and founded Ernie’s Auto Wash. It is with this sentiment that Ernie created the foundation in 1992 when his son Marc died at just 23 years of age.

A graduate of Leicester High School, Marc was a remarkable young man who worked closely with his father to bring success to the family business. To this day the most common refrain used to describe Marc is, “he had a heart of gold.”

Sadly, in 1997 after a two year battle with cancer Ernie Pallotta also passed away. He was 52. Before his death, the foundation’s name was changed to the Marc & Ernest Pallotta Foundation to honor both he and his son. The company is now run by Ernie’s eldest son, Christopher Pallotta.
The foundation awards scholarships to deserving local high school seniors. In addition, our “Charity of the Month” funds both local and global aid organizations such as Abby’s House, Jeremiah’s Inn, the Red Cross and countless others. As of this writing, the foundation has donated over $300,000.
Washing at Ernie’s isn't just good for your vehicle, it’s good for the world. The foundation is funded by the profits of the car wash, so the more you wash your vehicle at Ernie’s, the more you help contribute to the deserving charities we serve.
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