In addition to our computerized touch-free robotics, we offer the added benefits of optional hand-washing by our trained staff. Read on as we answer some of the frequently asked questions about this feature.
Is hand-washing optional?

Yes, just let us know before entering the wash tunnel if you prefer a completely touch-free wash.
Most vehicles will require little or no hand-washing at Ernie’s.

What are the benefits of hand-washing?

Hand-washing can help loosen stubborn stains. Unlike other touch-free car washes, this allows us to provide you the highest level of attention-to-detail. And unlike cloth car washes, your vehicle is only touched when and where necessary—by humans, not machinery.

Will my vehicle’s paint be hand-washed?

In most cases, no—our touch-free system will do the job cleaning the painted surfaces. We do on many occasions hand-wash the backs of vehicles, but you may always request otherwise.

What parts of a vehicle do you hand-wash?

Our staff routinely hand-wash your grille, lights, glass and side-view mirrors as well as the backs of vehicles as mentioned above. Additionally, wheels are hand-washed when you purchase our Wheel Bright service.

What type of hand-brushes do you use?

Our hand-brushes are made of actual hog’s hair which is simply the finest material available for vehicle washing. Unlike sponges and other types of brushes, they are highly resistant to trapping abrasive particles. Each hand-brush is constantly rinsed and cleaned using a two-step process.

How can I avoid stubborn stains?

Frequent washing at Ernie’s is the best way.
Secondly, we recommend using our microfiber-towel Hand-Dry service. The service not only gets your car drier and allows us to clean inside your door jambs, it's also very good at slowing the buildup of “road film.”