Washing your vehicle at Ernie’s when it’s freezing outside will not harm your vehicle. In fact, not washing your vehicle is where the danger lies. If your vehicle has a coating of corrosive salt and sand you really should wash it ASAP.

In both our self-serve and automatic tunnels the water is heated to make winter washing easy. That being said, please keep the following in mind:

Washing in our automatic tunnels instead of the self-serve bays is probably a better idea when it’s extremely cold. Not only will you stay more comfortable, the blow dryers will prevent a thin layer of ice from building up on the surface.

On a small number of cars, locks will sometimes freeze. Vehicles with remote control door openers (virtually all modern vehicles) don’t have to worry about this.

Some frozen droplets may remain on your vehicle. The important thing is though, that not only will your vehicle look better after washing, the harmful corrosives will have been removed.