Some of the best advice about vehicle care comes from the people who really know best—the vehicle makers. We’ve compiled the exact wording from various vehicle owner’s manuals and here’s what they have to say…
“Car-wash systems that do not employ brushes are preferable. In the winter months, it is especially important to ensure that the vehicle is washed on a regular basis. You should immediately remove especially aggressive substances. Failure to do so can lead to changes in the paint’s chemical structure or to discoloration. Fuel spilled during refuling, oil, grease and brake fluid should always be cleaned away immediately, as should bird droppings.”
“Wash the vehicle frequently. Before going to a car wash, find out if the brushes are abrasive.”
“Though the paint finish on your Isuzu vehicle is extremely durable, regular washing and polishing/waxing will help preserve its like-new appearance. Some automated washes using rollers or brushes—depending on the type and age of equipment used—may prove overly harsh and scratch or damage the finish over time. Therefore, hand washing and drying performed in the shade, or using the latest ‘hand wash-only’ or ‘touchless’ car-wash systems, are recommended.”
“If you drive on salted roads in the winter or you live near the ocean, you should hose off the undercarriage at least once a month to minimize corrosion. Wash your vehicle as soon as possible when having coal tar, tree sap, bird droppings and carcass of an insect [and] when the vehicle becomes remarkably dirty with dust and mud.”

“The best protection against environmental influence is frequent washing and waxing. Under certain circumstances, weekly washing may be necessary. Under other conditions, a monthly washing and waxing may be adequate. After the winter, the underside of the vehicle should be thoroughly washed. The longer bird droppings, insects, tree resin, road and industrial grime, tar, soot, road salt and other materials remain on the vehicle paint, the more lasting their destructive effect will be.”
“The best way to preserve your vehicle’s finish is to keep it clean by washing it often with lukewarm or cold water.”
“Wash your vehicle regularly.”
“Frequent washing and waxing is the best way to keep your Honda looking like new.”